I often do commissioned illustration and graphic design work. Here are some of my favorite recent projects. Click to enlarge the images:

Logo for Camerata (@CamerataPublic on twitter) a technology platform centered around encrypted communication and file sharing:

I made these images for a book called ‘99 Things Every Millennial Man Should Know‘, edited by Chris Campbell. The images punctuate the chapters and are based on stages in Joseph Campbell’s archetypal layout of the hero’s journey. Here’s a few of them:

Someone commissioned me to make a large (about 3 feet by 5 feet) image for their bedroom, to hang above their bed. Something simple and calming that symbolically tied into the esoteric aspects of sleeping and dreaming. Here you can see how my commissions generally progress: the first two images are mock ups after we discussed the themes that the piece should embody, then the third image is the final image.

The American Sun asked me to make a banner for their new website:

Book covers are some of my favorite projects. An author, Doonvorcannon, asked me to illustrate a cover for his book, ‘Barking At the Herd‘, I also did the cover for an enigmatic book known only as ‘Bronze Age Mindset‘:

I made a chart of the books I like, then I was commissioned to make something similar for someone else:

One of my favorite commissions, I was asked to make an anti-pornography image:

Critical Condition asked me to make some simple graphics for pins to promote her youtube channel:

Someone couldn’t find a quality image of their family crest, so they asked me to make one. What they sent me is on the left, what I made is on the right:

Among the Ruins commissioned me to make a logo / emblem. I really like how this one turned out, it was nice to do something a little more serious:

Sam Hyde (of Million Dollar Extreme) commissioned me to do some calligraphy to use as title slides for a new production he was working on. This was very cool, here’s two of them:

StormKing (musician) asked me to make some images for his website and a classic “gnarled root” heavy metal style logo: