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BOOK: recently I released my first book, the first collection of comics. it’s available on amazon here. I was hustling to get the book together for the last four to five months while also having a baby, so my website is not up to date (yet).

like most artists, the best way to keep up with me is on social media, where I am active and generally making things happen. i’m @owenbroadcast on twitter (that’s the main hub) and instagram and tumblr.

I also have a patreon where I let people see into my sketchbook and behind the scenes.

i am an illustrator who is mainly focused on religion, mysticism, semiotics (that’s like, analyzing what stuff means and why), symbolism, sacred art, Christianity, the paranormal, esoterica, weird stuff in general, and creating material to combat the sea of toxic images you are flooded with on a day to day basis.

if you’d like to get in touch i can be reached at monarchzeronyc@gmail.com. have a great day.